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Nexus sites are community driven websites that provide a platform for mod creators from specific off-the-shelf video games to upload their work for other users to download and use within their respective games.

A former employee mentioned, "I worked for Nexus for 3 months, short but certaintly certainly not very sweet. I honestly think they need to take care of their name! Manager is awful and her managers are awful... they treat people unfairly, they are money orientated and don't care about their clientel! Seeing a care package and the money per week was more important than the actual care! You have no work/ home life balance as constant emails from the manager are received!


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Your friend says

"It sucks terribly. This is why: Most mods are little more than spam content--- A gun made to use .45 ammo, instead of its usual 10mm is not worth taking up an esp slot. But those mods come in by the 1,000. Suffice to say, that my visits to the site seem to be just to take out the trash (block mod authors who can\'t make mods, or just make useless meme themed mods). That\'s one, two: The rude and ignorant nod authors. An example, I could post thos same comment on the website, and get thousands of users complain about the usual \'if you don\'t like the mod, make your own.\' Despite the fact that they don\'t make mods themselves. Comical indeed, its like a hooker telling a high schooler to not do drugs, just minutes before she does drugs outside the same high school. Hippocratical. The fact is that the site is dying, as even big names such as Elianora doesn\'t even make mods anywhere like she used to. In fact the skyrim side of nexus is completely butchered with meme mods, and the fallout 4 section is virtually void of a worthwhile life. I\'d give nexus less than 10 years before it gets worse to the point nobody is on. Also, it\'s a waste as well, because only mods that users go out tp make mods for is bethesda games, the rest doesn\'t really see much love."

Nate says

"I've been using Nexus mods for 5+ years now, and have never paid a dime. It is usable even though there's a low speed cap on downloads and there's plenty of mods to experiment with. That's about all the good this site has. Nexus is plagued with issues. First off, they've been gradually introducing restrictions for free users, the most obvious one being a countdown timer to wait for a download to start. It isnt too long, five seconds, but who is to say it wont increase as time goes on? They clearly want more people to pay for their premium plan, which is a problem considering my next point. Nexus Mods, as a website, is a mess. The UI is arguably not very intuitive to a new user *especially* if you dont google the page for a specific game. There's a litany of bugs as well, my own experiences include but are not limited to; - Having to reset my password every time I log in due to the website forgetting it which is cumbersome because the password *has* to be 12 characters long. Yes, I do have my password saved both in a text file on my phone and as autofill on my PC's browser. - Mods I know existing on the website not showing up when I search, having to resort to google to find them. - Due to Nexus changing the format of links, older links wont work if you find them, most commonly on a youtube video (even if the mod is still being updated). There should be an automatic redirect built into the website (but there isnt) because the mod page ID doesnt change, only the URL does. Its a simple fix that the Nexus staff are too incompetent to implement. Speaking of the staff team, they are corrupt and inept. While I dont engage with the community much, I have had conversations with some friends who enjoy modding Skyrim and who engage with the community. I've heard horror stories of Nexus admins abusing their power to silence criticism and generally anyone who speaks against them (which is why I'm choosing to remain anonymous) and favoring paid users when a free user has a run-in with a paid user, rather than listening to both sides and making a fair decision like an admin should. None of this is helped by the fact that Nexus has a near complete monopoly on PC mods in general, with competitors like ModDB not having even close to the same amount of mods or users. In conclusion, I think something has to change. Nexus is a cesspool of admin abuse and website-breaking bugs and has no incentive to fix these issues because it has such an iron grip on the whole PC modding scene. I myself will keep downloading from it, but I'll be doing my damnest to make sure Nexus doesnt earn a cent off me, which means I'll be using adblock and refusing to pay for service. If you as a player can do without mods, avoid Nexus like its Covid-19. If someone at Nexus reads this; Fix your website, or you'll eventually go down for good when something better takes your place."

Tree Kicker says

"This site uses some scummy strong arm tactics to get you to upgrade to premium now. It will ask you literally every download and make you wait 5 seconds. In the past they wouldn't make you do this but they've been pushing premium more and more ever since. Cap speeds are fine ads are fine. This is some scummy Russian download site crap here though. The moderation on that side is also particularly horrible in the sense that they are a bunch of fascist. you can't talk about the moderators at all it's against the rules unless of course you're praising them that it's fine. If you criticize them at all though you are banned. It's literally in the rules you cannot criticize moderators. This site has gone downhill and honestly it's a shallow husk of its former glory. they need to replace all the sites moderation as far as I'm concerned."

Disgusted visitor says

"-Totally unprofessional approach -Support is AWFUL! -There is no reasoning with admins (you cant speak up for yourself, you will be silenced even if you are right) -Admins are using and harassing visitors for their own gain. -They'll try to steal your money. You have to pay money in order to fully use the site (if you don't pay them money, your downloads are way too limited) -Admins are giving benefits to anyone who pays money: A premium user can troll you & harass you and will not be banned. But you will. (Recent experience) Summary: Shame on nexusmods and its moderators. Worst experience ever"

Valerie Lestrade says

"site changes your password on its own to match its "standard" password level"

bmcfa43 says

"Trash website, trash vortex mod manager. Has to many issues and the staff just ignore you and argue with you when you ask for help. Not worth the hassle of even trying to use this website because nothing will work in the long run. The \"tutorial\" videos they give on youtube don\'t answer any questions either. "

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